Finding Your Values

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If you were the only person on the planet, would you worry about what you look like?

Would you worry about:

  • How tall you are
  • How thin you are
  • How shiny your hair is
  • How straight your teeth are
  • How clear your skin is

Now, of course this goes beyond appearance. Since the advent of social media, especially, we are now consumed with how we’re perceived in almost every area of life:

  • Money
  • Relationships (from significant other to friendship circle)
  • Career
  • Home
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Wokeness

Why do we worry about what other people think.

It is believed that this particular kind of worry is internal, stemming from the inside. But actually, because we’re caring about what others think, it’s external.

Bottom line: As humans, we have a deep primal need to fit in, feel accepted and be loved. And oftentimes, this stems from crazy high expectations that start during childhood — whether self-inflicted or from a loved one (usually a parent).

But at what point does it become paralyzing?

I am certainly not immune to caring what others think. It’s not a bad thing to take interest in how you present yourself in the world. If we didn’t, people would break laws, treat others poorly — just to get ahead.

Caring becomes problematic when we filter ourselves and don’t take risks for fear that:

  • We won’t measure up
  • People will judge us
  • We’ll do something wrong

Here’s what I found interesting How to define your values

How to get past it.

If you’re concerned about what other people think, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How invested is this person in my success?
  • What is the intent of this person’s feedback/opinion?
  • What role does this person play in my life?
  • And thinking about what you want your world to look like a year on – do you need to give yourself a talking to.

I love Mel Robbins and she teaches us that every time you see a mirror this next week – high-five it – say well done to yourself and look back at everything you’ve overcome this year. It’s epic.

Reflection Day

As we all look back and reflect on the lockdown experience and those we have loved and lost I wanted to recommend a book.

During lockdown, I joined a book club and we read together

“Think Like A Monk” by Jay Shetty


Jay has inspired millions of people to consider their own passion and purpose.

Can you learn and grow following your pandemic experiences?

I made a free download for you – so grab the book on Amazon or Audible and check out my download and start to take some real action to build the life you really want to live.

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