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Are you curious about Yoga but not sure where to start?

Join my 6-week Beginners Yoga Course.

Perfect for beginners like you who want to dip their toes into Yoga. Let’s explore simple poses that can help you find balance, ease those pesky aches and pains, and loosen up stiff areas like your shoulders, back, and neck.

We don’t pretend we are gymnasts this is for real people with real bodies. I’m not perfect and I don’t expect you to be.

Over the span of six weeks, this course aims to establish a solid foundation in yoga principles. Each week’s curriculum will progressively build upon the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, ample opportunities will be provided for you to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties along the way.

The course outline

Week One

  • An introduction to Yoga, the history, the lineage and the benefits of a regular practice
  • Learn a daily warm up routine
  • Learn some basic poses
  • We will discuss breathing exercise (Pranayama)
  • Final relaxation (Savasana)

Week Two

  • We refresh on week one and practice more basic asanas
  • Breakdown poses and look at props
  • Guided meditation & Pranayama
  • Savasana

Week Three

  • Refresh on weeks one & two 
  • Introduction to a flow
  • Guided meditation & Pranayama
  • Savasana

Week Four

  • Learn basic sun salutations
  • Refresh on previous weeks and begin to build core strength 
  • Begin to experience a full yoga sequence
  • Guided meditation & Pranayama
  • Savasana

Week Five

  • Putting it all together into a learning about your own body 
  • Week Six
  • Yoga class consists of all the poses and sequences you’ve learned and understand how you can adapt and grow the movements
  • 6 weeks £75

  • Handouts each week and upon completion a full workbook to enable you to work at home.

Who is it for?

  • Complete beginners, especially those who want an introduction to a flowing yoga practice in order to feel confident attending other classes
  • Some level of fitness required 
  • Perfect if you have attended other yoga classes but are looking for a refresher or a deeper understanding of yoga

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