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What labels have you given yourself?

Are they serving you well?  Would you like to change some of those labels like I did?

For the majority of my life I labelled myself as “not creative”.

I did not think it affected my confidence in any way. Aside from my anatomy and physiology exam I didn’t need to draw people or paint a picture.

Being artistic wasn’t something I needed,  I did not need the label “Artist”.  I don’t search Pinterest for home interior pictures. I don’t revamp my home each year. The majority of my home is cream but aside from that I’m full of colour with my clothes, my ideas and my outlook on life.

Considering my work-life balance over the years I had turned to Mindful Colouring. During lockdown I started Zen tangles. I knew that “art” was inside me wanting to come out.

My husband (James) is artistic and designs our garden with colour and form in mind. He has always said when he retires he will draw and paint.

Our youngest son is also very creative and is currently taking an Industrial Design BA at Brunel. (Proud mum moment).

I am surrounded by their influence.

Taking Action To Change My Labels

As I am intentional for a mindful life in the Autumn of 2021 I signed up to Art Classes. Seasons Art Class

This lead me along the thought process that I’ve now got to relabel myself as “creative”. It’s funny but it actually felts great.

When I visit gardens all summer I am mindful of each cloud in the sky and each tree or plant or seat in these gardens. Each visit now doubles as a “mindful moment” and also a “gathering images”. It’s a new label.

It’s my opinion that being a holistic therapist all my life was in fact being creative. Massage is a creative process and I didn’t label it such. Considering now that the label I gave myself was wrong all along, I have always been “creative”.

Consider Your Own Labels

What labels are you wearing that don’t serve you well?

How many negative labels have you attached to yourself?

Are there labels others attached to you that you’ve kept?

Can you imagine what it’s like once you shed those labels? Can you close your eyes and imagine what you’d feel like without those labels?

Consider the possibilities…..

Are you using labels as a handy excuse for not taking action? Using them so that you don’t have to bring about the changes you desire at a deeper level.

Here are a few examples:

“procrastinating is my superpower”
“my house needs a declutter as I can be a hoarder”
“I definitely have ADD/ADHD”

Do you see how you use labels as a means to excuse your own self-defeating behaviour?

Self-labelling can also become a self-fulfilling prophesy. When you become so used to hiding behind a label, you can actually become that label.

Could you examine your own labels with help from a life coach?

Let’s explore how, contact me for more information 


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