Are You Feeling Confident?

Are You Feeling Confident?

  • Are you asking yourself some questions?
  • Are you wondering how you can feel more alive, vibrant, and excited for life?
  • Are you wondering how can you feel more connected to a purpose or other people?


It’s now that you need to consider your confidence.

If you have no purpose or connection with people then it points back to lacking confidence in yourself.

This really matters and it shapes how alive you feel, how connected you are, how motivated you are.

Remember that confidence isn’t just something you have naturally.  It’s something you must summon on a consistent basic

Would you like to learn how to become more confident and expect good things for yourself this year?

Did you know that you are a goal-dependent species?

If you don’t have clarity on who you are and your intentions, it will be unnerving you and with everything that has happened it’s time to consider on the future.


Whatever stage of “season” of your life you are at  have no fear – you can change and live your best life.

Are you feeling lost in life?

Have you lost some clarity.  You don’t know who you are and what you want – it’s unsettling right?

The world is constantly changing and it that makes us feel uncertain, so any lack of clarity can be a problem.

During 2020 many of us were feeling insecure with complete lack of clarity. All my work stopped overnight and I couldn’t see what my purpose was.


I knew that I had to get some clairty so very quickly I changed my mindset and made it my purpose to be the family role-model – the steady one at home, staying home and being happy helping the three youngest members of the household to keep some focus on their own mindset.

Then in September 2020 when they went back to uni  I had to change my focus to form my own future.

You will always be faced with difficult decisions. 

It might be you’ve lost your job, or you’re finding that you job just isn’t giving you the same fufilment.  You may be missing loved one and are considering moving house, or realised it’s time to get a bigger house, a bigger salary or it might be that you’re struggling with feeling stuck.

If you get clear on what your values are and what fuels your belly with fire then you’ll move the needle forward.

Wake up each day full of passion and purpose.

The good news is, every day is a new day.
There is still time to gain more clarity and with it comes confidence.


Take a clean piece of paper, write down what makes you happy, what values you really want to keep and work out ways to make them core values.

It’s going to take some determination and focus to achieve these new goals, but I’m here to help in any way I can.

Then you’ll start to feel alive again, motivated and filled with hope.


Carolynn Binnie

I joined the wellbeing industry in 1994 and I've spent my lifetime helping people move from negative stress to a more fufiling and happy mindset.

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