Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hello to you, welcome to Herne Bay Massage’s first ever party post for the Ultimate Blog Party 2012.

Like all good parties we want everyone to relax at soon as they arrive… so the candles are lit, the music is playing and the lights are dim.  We have been watching from the side how 5 Minutes for Mom blog and we think they are amazing.  Like all parties it can be a worry when you first arrive, so we want you to feel at home here and most importantly we want to know about YOU!

Herne Bay Massage is run by me, Carolynn and I have been a massage therapist a long time.  I love people, I love getting to know people and best of all I like helping people feel great during a massage.  So many times I go into a slightly cold room, hesitate to climb onto the couch and then find it really hard to switch off my brain.  Working,  juggling child care, being a daughter and a mother all takes alot of energy and its really hard to just relax.  That is why when you come to me I do all the hard work in helping you to relax…. warmed couch, scented candles and Hot Stones all go towards the best massage experience in Herne Bay.

So if you have never been for a massage I can help you find a massage therapist near you.  If you are a massage therapist then I would love to hear about your working life experience.

Also as part of my service I offer Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring – its really not well known in the UK – YET!  If you are already converted then please do tell me all about your Sugaring experience over there in USA.

Its my mission to put it on the map in the UK…

Be sure to tell all your friends about 5 Minutes for Mom

I would love to hear from you – having never done a Blog Party I really do not know what goes on… but hey – don’t go away without at least saying hello!


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