The Labels We Give Ourselves

For the majority of my life I labeled myself as “not creative”.

It didn’t affect my confidence in any way… I didn’t need to paint a picture and aside from my anatomy and physiology exam I didn’t need to draw people so being artistic wasn’t something I needed.

I don’t search pinterest for home interior pictures with a view to revamping my home each year and the majority of my home is cream but aside from that I’m full of colour with my clothes, my ideas and my outlook on life.

However, whilst exploring the work-life balance over the years I had turned to “mindful colouring” and I also hosted a few Stampin Up parties – ( with plenty of wine obviously) so I think perhaps something inside me knew that “art” was maybe inside me wanting to be released.

James (my husband) is artistic and designs our garden with colour and form in mind.  He hates clutter because of the “lines” being broken – I sent him once to drawing lessons and he got sent home and told he wasn’t a beginner.  He has always said when he retires he will paint watercolour landscapes.

My youngest son is also very creative and is currently taking an Industrial Design BA at Brunel (proud mum moment).  I’ve been surrounded by their influence slightly and so as I’ve set the intention to be more mindful in my life I woke up a few weeks ago and without any real thought I signed up to Art Classes.   Seasons Art Class

This lead me along the thought process that I’ve now got to relabel myself as “creative”.  It’s funny but it actually feels great.

I’ve been out visiting gardens all summer and being mindful of each cloud in the sky and each tree or plant or seat in these gardens.  Now I’ve realised that all of this will be excellent for painting in the winter.  Each visit now doubles as a “mindful moment” and also a “gathering images”.  It’s a new label.

If you’ve read this far – well done.  Pop back and see what I do with this creative section of my website.

Perhaps being a holistic therapist all my life was in fact being creative, perhaps massage was a creative process I didn’t recognise and now I’m just taking a new journey, perhaps the label I gave myself was wrong all along.

What labels are you wearing that don’t serve you well?

What labels did you attach to yourself?

What labels did others attach to you that you’ve kept?

Are you ready to shed those labels?  Can you close your eyes and imagine what you’d feel like without those labels?

Consider the possibilities…..



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