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You may have found my website as you were specifically looking for sugaring, or you may have just been looking for a waxing salon.  I can help you with both, read on if you are looking to learn to sugar or click here HAIR REMOVAL if you want my services of hair removal.

If you are considering learning to sugar here is a little about me first of all, because I know, that booking a training course is scary enough, without the worry that you’ve no idea who the trainer is or how good she actually is.

I’ve been sugaring since 2010 and have a faithful list of clients that love the smooth hair free skin that sugaring gives you.  I’d love you to come and try it for yourselves before (or after) you’ve booked your training with me.

My Experience In Training began back in April 2013 when alongside my home salon I was the Alexandria Professional UK distributor and educator.  Between 2013 and 2016 travelled up and down the UK spreading the word to other salon owners about sugaring.  I’ve written numerous articles in trade magazines, I have been the speaker at two major industry events all about waxing and hair removal and I have trained 120+ therapists in the art of sugaring. 

In 2016 I had shoulder surgery which didn’t go so well and I’ve had a long recovery road.  During 2018 I went back to teaching and now excitingly I’m offering lots more classes for 2019.

Originally I was a very lone voice in the UK industry that is dominated by waxing but with the arrival of Stephanie King from the USA I gained a Sugar Sister.  Together we are breaking down the barriers that sugaring has over here and with her vast experience over in the USA and her personal relationship with Tamara Professional Sugaring  You really are in the best hands.

What’s the Big Deal?

Sugaring is an ancient art that has survived since Egyptian times and in many countries around the world sugaring is still the number one form of hair removal, sadly for consumers here in the UK it is simply not a choice they have.  I have clients traveling over an hour to come to see me and experience this ancient art and I have wanted to give everyone in the UK the choice, so by teaching you I can expand the love of sugaring around the UK.

There are now  a growing band of people up and down the country who offer this amazing treatment – they know the secret to growing a successful business is hard work after excellent training. 

I’m proud of my training and my knowledge that I spent alot of time and money gathering, two trips to USA, many hours talking to hair removal experts up and down the country, many visits to colleges, schools of beauty and salons has given me first hand knowledge of what skin looks like when it’s been badly treated or well cared for.  And the struggles newbie’s encounter.

If you are  reading this and you would like to talk to me about what sugaring can do for your business then please, do send me an email – I have plenty to say on the matter.  

Drop me an email and Stephanie and I will send you all the details you need for to take the big step forward in rocking your life and being your own boss.




Carolynn Binnie

Through my ever popular massage (the one where you totally relax and almost fall asleep) and my amazing sugaring and waxing skills, I've looked after the community in Herne Bay and surrounding areas for years. I've spoken at conferences, been interviewed on radio, written industry expert articles and I've inspired 100's of people to take more care of themselves. “Wow! I really do feel better” says everyone. I prove that by giving yourself a “step-away from the madness” with an hour of calm reflection, even the busiest person can bypass overwhelm and instead generate exciting feel-good emotions as they head back to building the life they love. What's stopping you?

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