How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Suffering from Ingrowns?

 –        Here is an easy to follow plan to rid yourself and get great looking skin:

  •  Regular sugaring sessions – ideally should be at least every four weeks. Even if there is very little hair the sugaring will keep the skin exfoliated and clear.
  • Apply a really good quality moisturizer twice a day.  This is especially important to bikini areas that are constantly covered by underwear, which can dry the natural skin oils away.
  • Apply Restore Hydrating Lotion™ everyday morning and night, this is great for full body hydration daily.
  • Dead Sea Salt soak every other day.  Soak in a nice relaxing Salt bath or hold a Salt compress on the area every other day. The salts will exfoliate and detox the area to allow any ointments to penetrate and reduce any bacteria building up in the area.
  •  Mud mask the affected area every other day. Mix up a small teaspoon of  Hungarian Wellness Mud and allow to penetrate the area for 20 minutes, sprinkling some of the Mud powder in the bath is also beneficial for treating the area. The silicon dioxide in the Mud will help to repair the skin and smooth out the tissue to give the area the youthful smooth appearance back.

Once the area starts looking normal again, continue with the moisturizer every other day,

Mud and Salt Spring™ treatments can be done 2-3 times a week to maintain soft great looking skin.

Dead Sea Salt can be purchased in many places and Mud packs are available in many shapes and forms.  Look for ones with high silicon dioxide.

Never think that you are stuck with ingrowns.  For further help please give me a call and come and have a mud treatment before your next hair removal.

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