Waxing Your Bikini

Are you usually having your bikini area waxed?  Is waxing always a bit of trauma?  Strip waxing is a thing of the past and as I believe Sugaring is the best option for removing body hair I do not offer strip waxing at all, however I am trained in the specialist treatment known to most as Intimate Waxing, or Hollywood or Brazilian Wax.  If you are looking for a 1st class waxing experience then do please give me a call.  Waxing is the most popular treatment in a salon, however, waxing is not the most popular treatment to receive – I know that, that is why I offer both waxing and sugaring, both remove the hair.  My hot wax is the best in the country, having been designed specifically for the intimate area.  Its safe, its effective and you will never go back to strip waxing.  Hot waxing is by far the most gentle form of waxing and you really should give me a try.

I trained with the best in the UK, a leader in the field of Intimate Waxing.. and I use the best wax available, designed for that intimate area.

If you have been having any other waxing then come try this and compare the difference.

Intimate waxing is sometimes called extreme waxing.  Intimate waxing is about removing as much hair as YOU want, Giving YOU the look and feel that YOU want.

Outline of Hollywood and Brazilian Waxing Styles
Hollywood or Brazilian Intimate Waxing

The Brazilian

  • a small strip of hair is left, or an oval or triangle shape while taking all the hair in between to your bottom.

The Hollywood

  • removal of all the hair, front to back:- completely bare.

It’s just given fancy names for marketing.  It takes more time and product to perform a Brazilian and Hollywood than a straight bikini hair removal and that’s why it is more expensive.   I have had separate training to do this kind of treatment and have invested a lot of time to getting it right.

Hollywood and Brazilian:- Not On Your First Time.

I would recommend that you should work your way up from a regular bikini to a Brazilian and then once you are comfortable with this and you are finding the hair is much softer I can then remove it all.  Removing all your bikini area bald from a full bush may be a bit more than you can take in one go!

Women from all walks of life are having this treatment, it’s very much a personal thing and lots of women say that it makes them feel cleaner and sexier; some say it heightens their sensitivity – it really is a personal thing.  Discuss it with your partner – more people are having it done than you think.

Get rid of those grey hairs too and never worry about going to the  swimming pool again.

You will have to remove your underwear from the waist down so leave your modesty at the door – I am a professional and I will try really hard to help you relax.  I have been trained by Axiom Bodyworks and I am using the best products I can find designed specifically for this area, Outback Organics.   It is a Peelable Wax and it sets hard and I peel it off – no strips involved, never get strip waxed down there!

You should trim all the hair, I do have trimmers and you can use these yourself or I can do it for you.  The hair needs to be 1cm long – anything more and it will be more uncomfortable.    It’s a fact that shaved hair is much stronger and more difficult to remove so step away from the razor.  You won’t grow back like a hedgehog but if you are serious about having this look then maintenance is a must.  Depending on hair growth you would need to return every 3 – 4 weeks – once the routine is established the treatment is much quicker and much less painful.  After a while you should be able to go 4 – 6 weeks – but it depends on your hair re-growth.

Honeymoon or Holiday Wax

It is wise to plan ahead before you have your Hollywood or Brazilian.   It would not be sensible to have a Hollywood the day before your wedding or the day before you went on holiday.  So plan ahead and think about your life – aftercare is important so check that out before you book your appointment.

It usually takes about 4 or 5 treatments to get all the hairs – it takes this time as hair grows in different stages and I have to catch all the hairs in all the stages.  So, if you have a special holiday or wedding and want the perfect look we need to start well in advance.

Aftercare is really important – I can tell you how to look after the skin – a little time every day is really not much to invest.

So if you are interested in having this fab treatment then please talk to me about it… we can have a chat and get it right for you – at your speed.  Everything is totally confidential, I will try really hard to relax you and help you feel good and confident about yourself.

This wax has been designed for the intimate area and its the only place I use wax, keeping pain and discomfort to a minimal.

Stop wondering….  call me today.  Waxing is the answer to hair free bikini area and I’m your expert in the area.


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