After Care Advice

Thank you for choosing me for your Sugaring & Waxing service.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your skin is cared for properly over the next few weeks.

After Treatment Advice is important so that you look after your skin and get the results that you want.

Please note: some slight soreness, small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first treatment.  These symptoms should subside over the next 24-48 hours. If you experience persistent redness or irritation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Redness is due to excessive blood flow to the treated areas, some client’s skin can look pink and feel hot and/or itchy immediately after treatment.  Others may take a longer time to react or not react at all.  These reactions are normal and should disappears within a couple of hours.  Post treatment products will have been applied – these can be purchased from me for continued use at home.

After Treatment Advice:

  • Avoid direct heat such as hot baths, sun beds and sunbathing after treatment.
  • Skin must not be rubbed or scratched after treatments.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting garments immediately following treatment.
  • Do not exercise immediately following treatment
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  • No sexual activity after Hollywood or Brazilian Waxing.
  • No Swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Do not use deodorant for 12 hours following treatment.
  • Apply Mud Pack that evening.
  • Moisturize well.
  • Using an antibacterial skin wash or adding a handful of Dead Sea salts to your bathwater will help prevent infection over the next few days, and will also assist the healing process should any pimples appear.
  • Avoid highly perfumed products and the use of harsh alkaline soaps or cleaners.
  • Avoid having a treatment during menstruation as you may feel extra sensitive.
  • To soothe and protect the skin, apply an antiseptic cream regularly for 3 days following your treatment.  Always wash your hands before applying any product.

To prevent ingrown hairs:  starting a few days after your appointment, gently exfoliate the skin up to 3 times a week using a good quality body mitt.  Moisturize the are area every day to keep skin supply and help new hairs grow through easily.

You may notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so.  It may take up to 4 treatments spaced evenly apart for your hair to get on a growth cycle that gives best results.  Hair needs to be at least 1/2 cm long before it can be successfully removed, so please do not shave, tweeze or use hair removal creams between your appointments.

For best long-term results, I recommend treatment every 4 – 6 weeks.


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