Sugaring – Back in 2010

When I signed up for Sugaring training in 2010 I had no idea what journey lay ahead for me.  I attended the two day course, I passed, I left.  I then rushed home and forgot all about Sugaring as we were in the process of moving house.

Some two months later I had moved into my lovely new house, and had set up my Treatment Room.

Cool and Calm in my Treatment Room

I then set about Sugaring anyone that would undress.  All my friends supported me in this venture and by the end of month one I was convinced I would never be able to “flick” the sugar paste in the slick way the teacher had shown me.

After a lot of practice I eventually felt more confident and as more and more people came back I began to believe that this was the job for me.

A number of setbacks have followed since my training; the major one being that the UK Distributor for the Paste, for whatever reason, failed to stock enough sugar paste in the UK.

I made contact with as many people in the UK that I could who have anything to do with Sugaring.  Although it has been around for a long time it has not been very popular in Europe so finding people who could do it has been an issue.

I discovered that there are two methods of Sugaring and quite by accident, I had learnt the Ancient Art of Hand Sugaring… a method promoted and taught all over Canada and USA.  I had attended a UK training outlet and was now suffering due to a problem with the UK training school. (which has now gone out of business)

The other method, taught for the last 10+ years in this country is very similar to strip waxing, the sugar is a lot runnier than I use and is applied with a spatula and paper strips applied and then ripped off.

I took myself off to London for the day and went to a number of salons that offer Sugaring – all of them strip sugaring.  To be honest I was not impressed with the results.  After a week I had significant re-growth whereas with the hand method I knew the re-growth was a lot slower.  I spoke with professionals in the USA (the wonders of Skype) and explained the problems I was having with obtaining product and that I really wanted a Follow Up Class – learning a new skill takes time and patience and I felt I was in need of some tips and tricks from someone more experienced than me.  Obviously the UK Strip Sugaring people were unable to offer me any help.

Also no one seems to offer Hollywood and Brazilian Hand Sugaring and from the results on friends I knew that this was a fantastic treatment.

During my many emails and skypes with USA it became clear to me that they need more people in the UK who could teach.  So, as well as getting my sugaring business up and running and trying to source the best products available I then decided that I should learn how to teach this art.  I think it will appeal to anyone who wants to work from home and fit it in around school holidays and other commitments or any salon owners who want to add another service to their business.

I contacted my Insurance The Guild of Holisitic Therapist and discovered that in order to teach you need a City and Guilds PTLLS.  Once again there are various options for obtaining this – online for a 30 hour course and one session in Milton Keynes or local adult education.  So ….. you guest it….. this afternoon after a one to one interview with the local college I am attending my first class.

It’s going to be a long journey, and I will struggle with the learning curve, the homework, the childcare issues and the work/home life balance like everyone.  But once this box is ticked I can then perhaps contact USA again and either fly out there for their Course or maybe persuade them to come over here….  Who knows where it will lead.

Watch this space….

Update: April 2020 – I did go to USA – and learnt to sugar and then I went back the following year and learnt to teach it.  I’ve since swapped brands and now teach for London Sugaring Company with Stephanie King who arrived (from the USA) in 2016…  see I was right…

The Journey Of  One Thousand Miles…. Started with a single step….

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