Thinking of Learning to Sugar?

Rebecca trained in sugaring in 2018 and has been very successful in introducing this to Bristol.  Read how she found the whole experience.
How did you find sugaring? 
​I was watching another local beauty therapist and she’d added it, I wanted to add it to and really liked all the eco-benefits.
How you found The New Sugaring School 
​I didn’t think I could afford it so I looked at a few other training schools, one in Bournmouth, one near me – who I very nearly went with but she didn’t have a training manual and when I checked with my insurer wasn’t covered as she’d trained in Poland.
What decisions did you make to do the training? 
I was wanting to offer something different, and I really liked the payment plan.  I had the belief that this was the best training school as they offered the most comprehensive training and on-going support.  I already knew I’d have clients for it.
Where you trained and with who 
I was trained by Stephanie in London so I had to travel for the two days but it was worth it.  I’ve since been on the Educators training and we have a group get together in Brighton in October 2019 which was great – meeting everyone and really thrashing out all the industry ideas – plus of course all the fun we had.
How did you start converting people 
I already had a client base who I was waxing so I sold a sugaring pass, cheaper than waxing and then I had clients ready to practice on for a cheaper treatment price whilst I got my skills and timings up to full speed. 
How have you got better? 
Experience! There really are no short cuts, watching videos of myself and going onto the advanced training.
How long did it take?
6-9 months,  it all depends on how many clients you have to work on and how much time you can dedicate to it each week.
What were your frustrations or problems and how did you over came them? 
My biggest frustration was the length of time it took to carry out a treatment when I could speed wax.  The only way to overcome that problem was with perseverence and results. My clients all loved the results which kept me motivated.  At first I didn’t always take every hair as waxing could, due to my lack of experience and large areas were disheartening at first.  Like everything in life, small baby steps is the way forward so  having a clear plan to clear the hair in smaller areas really helped my motivation.
Now you are teaching, how did that happen? 

Once I’d got established in my skills and confidence Stephanie asked if I’d like to join the Education Team!  I now plan to split my time between teaching and treatments, eventually moving only into training as I find it rewarding and I come from a teaching background so, it’s natural for me.

Rebecca runs Essential Maintenance Beauty in Bristol.


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