Step by Step Guide to Visiting me.

Stop Feeling Anxious About Visiting Me.

Here Is My Step by Step Guide to Visiting Me

This article seeks to open the door…

This article assumes you are considering coming to me for a massage but need encouragement.

I have been massaging since I was a small child,  it is second nature for me.  Over the years I have had many discussions with people who have either never had a massage, or more often, have had one or two and felt very nervous and uncomfortable about the whole experience, although many agreed that having a massage is good.

I always try to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable when they arrive but perhaps you feel too nervous to even book an appointment. Although, somewhere in the back of your mind, you realize that it might actually be enjoyable if you could only get onto the couch, get those towels covering you up and shut your eyes!

Step by Step Guide to Having a Massage with Me

  • Book a treatment when you know you will have time beforehand to prepare.
  • Take a shower or bath but do not use any creams or lotions other than perhaps your normal face moisturizer.  Try to come to me without any make up and with your hair free from hairspray or gels etc so that I can massage your head without tangling your hair.
  • Arrive on time so that you get the full allocated time spot.  I always try not to book clients back to back to  but like everyone I do have a timetable and if you are late I cannot guarantee I can work late.  Please give me 24 hours notice if you need to cancel, I try to understand emergencies but a quick text or telephone call is always appreciated.
  • You are coming to my home; my family may or may not be around, they won’t really take much notice of you although they are trained to keep quiet!
  • Please park on my driveway, so no parking problems.
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering, I do have a chair you can sit on – ask me if you need help doing this.
  • I do have wheelchair access and toilet facilities and my treatment room is on the ground floor – please discuss this when you book your massage so that I can prepare for your chair.  I can help you onto my couch or massage you in your wheelchair if that is easier.
  • This is a smoke and pet free home.
  • Once inside my treatment room I will need to talk through all your health issues and discuss any medication you may be taking.  I cannot massage you within 48 hours of having any vaccinations so please bear this in mind.  I will ask you to sit in a chair, and I will complete a card about you.  This is your chance to tell me everything – especially how stressed you feel.
  • I will then ask you to undress – this is the bit you may have been dreading!  You can leave your bra on, I will undo it once you are lying down, but ideally I would prefer it off so that the straps do not get in the way and I won’t get oil on the bra.  You will be covered by towels at all times – I spent many lessons learning “towel technique” and believe me it comes as second nature.  I have large towels and often use a blanket as well, so not much of you will be uncovered at any one time.  One of my clients keeps his socks on as he hates his feet being touched.  All jewellery and watches need to be removed.
  • I will leave the room so that you can undress in private and then you need to lie on the couch, usually on your tummy, you can try and cover yourself as best you can, but once I knock and return I will adjust all the towels and make sure you are warm and snuggly!
  • I often have candles lit, and I always play music to help you relax. If you do not like any of the music please ask me to change it – I do have a good range and if you want to bring any CD’s then that is fine too.
  • I get really hot when giving a massage so I find it difficult to judge how you are feeling, I know that when you relax your body temperature drops so I always try and make sure you are warm but please PLEASE do tell me if you want more or less blankets or heat.  Some ladies suffer from hot flushes and so don’t be embarrassed about asking for it cooler or hotter throughout the massage.  If I am using Hot Stones then please let me know if they are too hot – I have never burnt anyone but my hands get very very hot so your skin temperature is difficult for me to gauge.
  • Once you are on the couch be aware of your breathing. Do two or three deep breaths and exhalations when you lie down. These should be slow in and a little faster on the exhale.
  • This is your treatment and it’s totally up to you whether you talk or not.  I can talk for England but I won’t talk if you don’t!  Silence is a gift which can have an immeasurable impact on your peacefulness.
  • If you find the silence difficult because your brain is rushing about then try and focus on your breathing and try and time your in breaths with my downward pressure strokes.
  • I will move your limbs about, there is no need for you to help – you can move your arms about, either above your head or by your sides which ever feels best, don’t lie there with pins and needles wondering what to do.
  • I start by massaging your back, neck, shoulders and head.  This is the time for you to sink into the couch and really try and let go.  Using plenty of oil to help my hands or the stones to flow I will try and find all your knots and release them.
  • Once I have finished on your back I will cover it up and turn down the towels to work on your buttocks.  We hold a lot of tension in our gluteus maximus and I find a really good pummeling of these muscles really does set the body into relaxation mode.
  • Covering them back up I then work on your legs, one at a time.
  • I then ask you to roll over, and holding all the towels so that you remain totally covered you roll TOWARDS me (I will always tell you this at the time) onto your back.  I adjust all the towels, I add a pillow for your head and a knee roll if you need one.
  • I then work on your head down or your feet up depending on various ideas I have at that time.
  • I will massage your tummy – it’s deeply relaxing and not somewhere that all therapists treat.  Just breathe normally.
  • By this stage I would hope that you are really relaxed and floating off to somewhere lovely…. I will be deeply engaged in what I am doing and will be focused on somewhere far away too so don’t expect to discuss the latest new items!  Giving a massage is my way of relaxing too and I let go of all thoughts to engage in the job.
  • At the end I will tell you I have finished and ensure that you have a few moments to gather your thoughts – do not sit up quickly.  I will leave the room to wash my hands and get you a glass of water.  Remain lying down and try to bring yourself round gently.  I will return with the water, help you to sit up and then leave again so that you can get dressed and gather your belongings.
  • You are not on a conveyor belt with me, there is no rush to quickly leave with your watch and earrings thrown into the bottom of your bag as in some salons.  I will wait for you in the hall so that you can come out, sit down and put your shoes on, pay me – and hopefully book your next treatment.
  • Go home and relax.  Remembering to drink lots of water for the next 24 hours to help flush out the toxins I will have released.

I hope this article has put your mind at rest and left you without any doubt about what having a massage with me is all about.  I do go for treatments myself – I pick up new ideas and am always willing to listen to feedback – so if you have a great experience somewhere else, please come and tell me about it – likewise if I do something that is not so great – tell me.  I am constantly learning about people!

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