Have you ever noticed how much worse everything feels when you’re tired?

Tactical Takeaways

Wind Down Routine: Your morning routine begins the night before. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wind your day down so you are set up for success.

Put your alarm in the bathroom and when it goes off, get up and turn it off.

Then put your hands on my heart and say,

“I am okay. I am safe, I am loved.
Today is going to be a good day.”

When you put your hands on your heart, it stimulates something called your “vagus nerve”. It is the light switch that turns on your nervous system to be calm and comfortable in your own skin.

Give yourself a high-five in the mirror. (Taken from Mel Robbins) Stop criticizing yourself. Start learning how to celebrate yourself and listen to yourself.

Create a habit of cheering yourself forward and living a life worth celebrating.

Write down your dreams.

You are then giving yourself permission to want those things that align with your values. We spend so much time feeling guilty for wanting certain things.

Dreaming takes your wants and desires and pulls them from the back of your subconscious mind. Putting them front of your mind, acts like a searchlight and will light the path you want to go to move forward.

When you wake up make yourself feel comfortable in your own skin. Set yourself up for success and happiness. Your desires and dreams belong to you. Let this be part of your life’s lesson to help with learning to turn towards them with confidence.

Make a vision board. Be super specific and intentional with what you want. When you do that – you train your mind to do the hard stuff that gets you to the finish line.

Prioritizing sleep is a way to be kind to yourself.

Practicing an intentional morning routine is being kind to yourself. Start cheering for yourself.

Set an intention:

If you are not getting enough sleep then have a nap in the afternoon. Look at your night time routine and make some changes so that you get to bed earlier.

Part of living your best life is moving forward. Getting things done, and being happy with yourself – when you look in the mirror you think “Well Done Me”.


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