Carolynn Binnie

I've been a therapist since 1994 (seems crazy when I write that). I have become an expert in hair removal - I'm not a beauty therapist offering loads of different treatments. You will see from my certificates I've worked at being really good at the treatments I offer. I love hair removal - I love how it makes people feel when it's done well.

I do also offer facial massage and it's the only treatment that has been designed specifically with total relaxation in mind - the products, the music and the massage strokes have been beautifully put together.

Everyone loves my facial - it's not like the normal beauty treatment - your whole soul gets rejuvenated.

My waxing skills are honed to perfection - I trained with the UK's leading male intimate waxer Andy aka Wax Daddy - I became good friends with him too - as you can see I'm passionate about education alongside treatments and I believe you deserve excellent knowledge alongside fantastic techniques.

Sugaring - I trained in USA and now work with London Sugaring Company teaching it. From home I offer this amazing natural treatment to all.

Fancy a Facial?

I offer the following treatments

  • Deeply Relaxing Facial
  • Sugaring and Waxing Hair Removal
  • Learn to sugar
Hair Removal Waxing and Sugaring
  • The Most Amazing Facial
  • Waxing and Sugaring Hair Removal
  • Learn To Sugar
Professional Qualification Learn to Sugar
  • Holistic massage
  • Sugaring hair removal
  • Learn to sugar


I can take cash or cards.

Booking Essential -

24 hr notice required for cancellation or 50% treatment fee.



64 Willow Farm Way

Herne Bay CT6 7QH, UK


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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00, Saturday 9.00 - 13:00

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