Rotator Cuff Tear – Don’t Leave It

I’ve seen many clients over the years with shoulder pain.  Some that take one or two treatments to give some relief and others that I have referred to their GP.

I know what shoulder pain is like – I’ve had it.

I suffered for a good many years with a painful shoulder – I knew that it was probably a tear but as it did not cause me too much of a problem I managed.

However, in 2016 I did need it repaired and instead of 12 weeks off work I had 6 months – and I’m still suffering and on light duties.  So I’m only working part time, appointments must therefore be booked in advance as I limit the number of treatments I do on any one day.  Imagine that was you.

If you are suffering – then get it seen to early – that’s my advice.  

The Rotator Cuff.

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that connect the four muscles of the upper shoulder to the bones – one of mine hasd a tear.

When the tendons or muscles of the rotator cuff tear, you are no longer able to lift or rotate your arm with the same range of motion as before the injury and you can have significant pain associated with shoulder motion. The pain is also very common at night, often radiating down the arm. This had been my problem.

I had two Cortisone steroid injections which did reduce the inflammation and control the pain for a while. But it is advisable to avoid repeated treatments.

So December 17th 2016 I went under the knife.

My arm was to remain in a sling for about least 3 weeks. (Was actually about 12 weeks)   I wore a sling for 5 months when out and about and for sleeping, but was able to remove it for dressing, bathing and light activities after 12 weeks, as guided by my physiotherapist.

I was unable to use the arm for most other activities.  It was the most frustrating time of my life.  I had to have my hair cut short as I could not manage it, I could not do very much and I fought daily with staying upbeat.  I’ve never been depressed but I can honestly say I very extremely fed up.

So, my advice is go get it looked at early and don’t delay any treatment.  Here is the amazing consultant I saw – Mr Jai Rewani 

It’s now September 2018 and I had just had another MRI and X-Ray – results out next week.





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