Relaxation or Structural Massage

Anyone who knows me will be bored by the number of times I say how great massage is, how everyone should get them, how our children should all be taught to give and receive and how wonderful it is.   Over the years I persuaded a lot of my friends onto my couch and converted them all – they send their husbands, their mums and sisters and that’s how I built up my business.

Relaxing Massage

It’s really hard to explain to new people how a massage can benefit someone.  Scientific studies are difficult to find even today but I recently came across an article from July 2011 in an American medical journal (the wonders of the Internet) entitled A Comparison of the Effects of 2 Types of Massage and Usual Care on Chronic Low Back Pain.  Although only a small study of 406 people had been undertaken the results were interesting.

The two types of massage were, a general relaxation massage, and the other was a more specific Structural Massage.  People were selected who had general lower back ache, no one had a specific problem, i.e. cancer or fractures and they were followed up at 10 weeks, 26 weeks and 52 weeks after their treatments.

I saw a number of people receive positive benefits to my massage and therefore I was not at all surprised at the conclusion of the research it said

“Massage therapy may be effective for treatment of chronic back pain with the benefits lasting at least 6 months. No clinically meaningful difference between relaxation and structural massage was observed in terms of relieving disability or symptoms.”

The article did not shed any light on why or how massage was of benefit, but clearly showed that all reported a favorable outcome.

Although I am no longer offering massage treatments I will continue to tell everyone that yes massage really does work and then just hope I can persuade more to go find therapists for some self-care.



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