Core Values Workshop

Core Values Workshop


Set Your Core Values and start living your authentic self

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Core Values

Core values are essential to living an authentic life. Knowing what brings you peace and what doesn’t is key to living your best life.

This is a 1-1 4 hour workshop where you can nail how you want to live your life. What rules are true to you?

If that feels just too much of a commitment then let’s start with a 1 Hour session where we discuss how you’d like to feel about yourself and your life.

You will have some space and thinking time to determine what makes you feel alive. By exploring your core beliefs and throwing out the ones that no longer serve you. You can set intentions about what YOU stand for.

I won’t be telling you how to do something. I will be giving you time to unpack what isn’t working for you. A laser beam of focus to be able to know what values you will live by.

Be YOU – authentic and true.

Every relationship in your life will benefit from seeing, hearing and feeling the real you. Stop being a people pleaser, stand up to those that manipulate you. No longer compromise on what you believe is true.

Shine and radiates your best energy to all who meet you.

Let’s explore what your core values are so that you have a road map to take away with you. A clear vision of who you are and how you want others to see you.


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