Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Recently a lady contacted me who suffers from PCOS and wanted to try Sugaring before she got married.

This consultation made me realize that there must be millions of woman suffering from this who suffer from lack of confidence due to their hairy bits.

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that affects 5 – 10% of women of reproductive age across the world.  I won’t go into the medical side of PCOS but it causes irregular or absent periods, acne, and weight gain.  It is also a major cause of infertility.

I want to talk about the excess body hair that women have with PCOS – often on the face, the breast and inside the legs.

I am Sugaring a number of women here in Herne Bay who has PCOS and each one of them has different degrees of hairiness.

One such woman was shaving her face every day – specially her chin and neck area.  This was leaving the skin very red and dry and occasionally she had small nicks from the razor.  She used a lot of make up and said she was always checking the mirror and touching it all  up when out.  She sometimes had to shave before going out in the evening and she was desperate for some help.  The NHS were unable to offer her anything and she did not have the money for laser treatment.

I sugared her for about 9 months and the hair was significantly reduced.  She was able to go 10 – 12 days between treatments after about 6 weekly treatments.  Her skin improved and all the redness from the razor calmed right down.  I won’t say that she was hair free – but her hair was under control.

When I first meet I always ask about health matters and medication etc and this is when woman tell me that they have PCOS.   We always discuss their expectations and I try to explain that I have no way of knowing how long they will need between treatments.  I usually advise that the first 3 – 5 treatments should be every 2 or 3 weeks – so it’s a big commitment I realize that.

We do see refinement of hair – someone who was shaving every day and now comes every 3 weeks seems to me a great success.   I always try to explain that I have no guarantees about how quickly they will re grow – all we can do is to try the treatment and continue it for 6 treatments before we decide if its working.  However, experience shows me that after the very first treatment woman can see the benefits of sugaring.  I often get asked to tackle other parts of their body  – arms usually feature highly on their list – and its wonderful for me to see the results.

Each and every time they come back I study the hair re-growth and we discuss the softness, the different lengths of some hairs and the lack of some hairs!

Another big benefit of sugaring is that the skin condition does improve – if you have been shaving you skin often struggles and therefore I always advise everyone to  purchase my I Love My Skin Retail Packs so that the fantastic Alexandria Professional range can be continued at home.  Within two weeks you will see a difference and within 8 weeks you will be amazed how great the combination of sugaring and products can be.

Ingrowns are not a problem with good exfoliating (see my other blog about this).  So if you have PCOS – mildly or otherwise and you want a rest away from the razor – or you have a special occasion coming up then give me a call and lets book you in.

 I know you will be amazed and stunned.  Come on – don’t be shy!


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