Your Journey into Parenthood

I recommend the NCT for helping new parents in their journey …. I joined when I was expecting my first son and I can honestly say that everyone helped me so much.  I attended the Canterbury Antenatal Classes, and joined a local Bumps and Babes Coffee Morning.  I used the breastfeeding helpline and made some solid friends who I still see 12 years later.

I went on to work for the NCT for 3 years and this opened up my understanding of the Charity even more.  I felt honoured to work with the professionals and get to really see the bigger picture of women and childbirth.  And also to get insight into the Fathers way of seeing things.  I attended the annual NCT Conference and met some extraordinary people working in the field of midwivery and health care.

If you are expecting a baby or have a small baby I strongly advise you join your local group.  You will never feel isolated, desperate, alone or overwhelmed again. You will laugh and cry with equal measure, you will swap clothes, books, equipment even houses!  The NCT is a must for everyone.

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