No Go Areas

Sometimes I am unable to Sugar some areas…

Patch testing can be easily done on anyone who has sensitive skin or who is worried about the effects of Sugaring.

Enlarged Varicose Veins that are warm to the touch and cause discomfort.  I can sugar varicose veins that are not enlarged and painful without any problems.

Phlebitis – inflammation of the veins.

Sunburn – this skin should be left to heal before any Sugaring.


Inner Ear.

Network Beards – the male beard has a large network rooting system and therefore this is not a suitable area to Sugar.

Bruises and Lesion.

Raised Moles – I can sugar over a raised mole if you and your Doctor are happy that the mole is benign

Retin-A Treatments (Skin peels) I am not able to sugar anyone using any of these products Including retin-A, enzyme peels, glycolic peels, AHAs and any similar products


Taken orally – a high dosage of Vitamin A.

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