Mindset Matters

Why Mind-set Matters

As a massage therapist for over 25 years, I have seen the effects of people coping with their stress levels. I intend to help, as lockdown has left us all stressed.  Long term stress can do a lot of damage.

When I started years ago, massage wasn’t a mainstream therapy.  Clients only came “as a last resort”.

Usually, they had suffered for years – chronic stress had taken a firm hold of their lives and in desperation, they turned to me.  I learnt alot.

I could see, first hand what they’d been living with.

And yet… I was able to help.

I lifted their energy, mind-set, and reduced their stress levels.

I ran a very successful business before the internet was ever invented. Clients found me and stayed – and told their friends.

Once the digital age arrived I was able to reach more people. While at the same time, massage became more mainstream.

In addition to massage, I have been a yoga student for 25 years alongside Tai Chi, NLP, Mindfulness, Meditation and all the learnings point towards breathe work and directing your own mind.

Today massage, yoga, and their benefits are well known.


I’m offering virtual help to reach more people, just like you.

Equipped with 25+ years of stress relief tools and techniques I am determined to put this knowledge to good use, reach out and help.


Lockdown has taken its toll on all our minds. I know because I keep in tune with my own mindset.

Are you feeling disconnected from friends and family?

Do you lack energy?

I have set the intention to help you make a mindset change. Are you interested?

“How do you plan to do that?” you might rightly ask. Well, let’s consider different thoughts and mindset.

The Daily Stoic helped shape my own lockdown journey and I’ve been coaching for a number of years and love to inspire determined people who are looking to grow.  Now is the time to put all this learning into practice.  To help you!

Maybe lockdown made you realize you want something different in the future.

My intention is to shine a light on alternative ways to think and receive information. Move away from negative social media, the BBC, and the dreadful daily Covid tally. I wish to give life and thoughts a different spin.

I will reveal my life’s journey as we move along together.

I can assure you that I’m normal and have experienced many of life’s traumas and survived to tell the tale.

My Own Mindset

Like a seed in the ground if I’m not growing as I journey along life’s path then to me I’ll be achieving nothing. We are all in this together and I’m gaining my strength and energy from others on a growth mindset journey.  Come join us.

If you’d like to grow and look back on the lockdown chapters and know that you did OK all things considered, I’d love you to sign up for my weekly newsletter. Or reach out to me and let’s connect.

Share life experiences and grow into the people we deserve to be – together.

With my passion and knowledge let’s share mindset ideas and breathwork to live a more purposeful and less negative life.


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