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If you’re a business owner then life has been difficult over the last few years. A growth mindset was needed to keep going…

My thanks to James Woodward Business owner of The Tranquillity Space for writing this for you.

Mindset comes in many forms.

As a business owner :-

I am positive and project my targets. Considering, how many clients I need each month. I review how to draw more potential patients into my clinic and how to create the right space. These come back to the same level of thought and feelings as the mindset of a therapist.

As a therapist I:-

Look after each patient
Hold the space
Connect with clients through the breath, eye contact and being aware of my thoughts and feeling.

To look after each patient:-

I adapt each session.

No one treatment is ever the same. (I am not a fan of protocols) and I must research between sessions to build up clinical experience.

To hold the space:-

I practice mindful breathing.

With awareness of each step I take and each moment of awareness that I needle into the acupuncture point. I am also aware of the energy within myself. How does the needle feel as it glides into the skin, muscle, fascia and the point. I allow space and silence to help me use this moment to meditate.

The Taoist describe the most important part of the wheel is the space between the spoke and the central whole.

This is also true of the treatment. For the Qi the flow the patient must also have space and time to relax or even fall asleep. For this they must be comfortable, warm and feel safe.

During the consultation space, time and mindful breathing is important to engage. Eye contact and focusing on the breath. I am aware of my own inner emotions and how they interact with my clients. I am also aware their emotions. The awareness with this interaction is part of the therapeutic relationship.

Communication is key.

Whilst empowering my patients to make changes within their lifestyle I build a rapport. Offer the best treatment I can on the day and explain the diagnosis in layman’s terms.

With an explanation of diagnosis the patient feels ready to change their mindset. I aim to help improve their mind, body and spirit.

As the patient starts to see changes in their well-being and improvements in their main complaint, I know I am on the right track and patient is also aware. The patient often has improved sleep, increase in energy and are feeling better.

An important question that everyone should think about for a moment is, what does it mean to be healthy?

In modern society we are living longer. Some people might be healthy but their mental health is suffering. For some their mental health is good but their physical health needs to be the focus. In other cases it is combination. Chinese medicine focuses on the internal or external, yin or yang, hot or cold and excess or deficient.


The focus will be the interrelationship with each of the internal organs. The effect it has on the Qi, blood, and fluids. It is like a balancing act because nothing is ever static and it always transforming. As I am writing this at the beginning of March, there are signs of spring. Winter is leaving and I am aware that people have been moving less due to the winter being cold and dark. The spring is when yang (movement) emerges from winter (yin). What was dormant and internal starts to rise to the surface.

My patients are starting to want to move more, wanting to be more active. There is a possibility that another cold snap will arrive in Britain next week. Resulting in a slow down as everyone retreats back inside. When movement stops emotions like stress, irritability and anger rises to the surface.

Mirroring nature within our own physical and emotional well-being can lead to headaches. I also see issues with digestion, breathlessness and insomnia. Conditions can get worse with stress, irritability or anger.

My role as an acupuncturist and holistic therapist is to allow space for the body to realign into a state of equilibrium.

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