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Have you lost your clear, clean, laser beam focus on the important things in life?  Are you looking for a like minded people who want to learn Meditation in Herne Bay?

I discovered meditation many years ago. I’d lie on the cool floor and she would speak comforting words.

An hour later I was totally restored and feeling at peace and ready to continue.

I’d float home with a feeling of gratitude towards this wonderful world. It was exactly what I needed in a busy week.

We all suffer stress – come and learn how Meditation can help you.

Congratulation if you recognise it and are ready to make a change.

Meditation taught me to release all my thoughts and return to being mindful. Be in the moment – a place that comes with a little bit of practice.

If you feel like you are often running on empty, and you feel like you’re walking on an earthquake crack, ready for it to explode at any moment. Imagine how you’ll feel after an hour of stillness.

Allow me to be a facilitator of such a floating feeling for you.


Let go and get clear, clean, laser beam focus on the important things in life. Join my meditation class in Herne Bay for beginners.

Life is a journey, not a destination, come and join me as we create a new journey together.


New Meditation Class Starting

I am excited to offer a 6 week meditation course in person, held at my house in Herne Bay. Places limited to 4.

The course will run for 6 consecutive weeks, every Tuesday night at 19:30 – 20:30

From 13th of September until 18th of October

Take advantage of my introductory offer: £36

Book your place now

Start your meditation journey in a small, closed group.

The sessions will build on each other so come every week, but if you have to miss a session, it’s not a problem. No refunds given for missed lessons but I will do everything to help you catch up.


Here is a great Podcast about Meditation I found.  Click this link to listen to Just One Thing – with Michael Mosley


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I joined the wellbeing industry in 1994 and I've spent my lifetime helping people move from negative stress to a more fufiling and happy mindset.

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