Have You A Mantra?

My word for 2020 was Hope.

I had to believe and really dig into the fact that lockdown would end and we would feel the true connections of friends and family again.

So, whatever you’re feeling right now always remember that you are in control of your actions and your thoughts.

If you have taken a yoga class or been exposed to Hindu or Buddhist ideas you’ve probably heard of the concept of a mantra.

Sacred Utterance

In Sanskrit it means “sacred utterance” – essentially a word, a phrase, a thought, even a sound – intended to provide clarity or spiritual guidance because it allows you to block out everything else while you focus.

It’s fitting then to create your own mantra, something positive and uplifting.

Having something to focus on and guide you will help your mind remain calm and focused.

Have a mantra and use it to find the clarity you crave.



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