My Own Life Coaching Experience

life coaching

I found life coaching and then business coaching back in 2010.

Business coaching transformed my life in such a short time.

Having never considered it before I did not even know I needed coaching, I knew I had too many thoughts in my head and I felt like I was drowning.

It was refreshing, liberating and above all motivating.

Life coaching gave me the time to focus on a different part of me. With the time to examine the steps needed to reach my goals. And the ability to see what resources or people I needed around me.

Being self employed has many advantages but it can be lonely,. Having someone to keep me accountable helped. A mentor who had no emotional or financial involvement and stopped my procrastination..

Enabled me

  • to understand what I needed to completed in manageable steps
  • break things down into smaller steps and focus on each one
  • file thoughts away and open them up in order

Taught me to

  • check the end goal and look at timescales
  • explore all the options
  • silence my busy mind and consider every avenue

Hard evidence that my coaching worked

  • an increase in my turnover
  • slept better
  • felt more energetic and hopeful
  • house got decluttered. I managed my time better
  • felt optimistic about my future.

So there you are, a quick guide to how coaching helped me. I continue my coaching journey and have many years of experience of having a life coach.

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