How I found Life Coaching

Business coaching has transformed my life in such a short time.

Coaching goals

I did not even know I needed coaching, I knew I had too many thoughts in my head and I felt like I was drowning.

I found it to be refreshing, liberating and above all motivating.

Coaching gave me the time to focus on a different part of me, with the time to examine the steps needed to reach my  goals and the ability to clearly see what resources or people I need around me.

Being self employed has many advantages but it can be lonely, having someone “on your case” who has no emotional or financial involvement stops procrastination..

Coaching enables you to

  • understand what needs to be done in manageable steps
  • break things down into smaller steps and focus on each one
  • file thoughts away and open them up in order

Coaching teaches you to

  • evaluate the end goal and look at timescales
  • explore all the options
  • silence your mind and consider every avenue

Hard evidence that my coaching has worked

  • Financially – an increase in turnover
  • Sleeping better – my mind is calm
  • I feel more energetic
  • My house is cleaner as I manage my time better!
  • I feel optimistic about 2013

So there you are, a quick guide to Coaching.

How about you? Have you found Coaching worked for you?



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