Inner Voice

Well done – you are doing great. Does your inner voice support you enough?

Do you actually tell yourself that when you wake up?

When you are making a cup of tea and looking out the window? The words we say to ourselves are important.

During lockdown when outside interests were cut out and stimulation from the media a major distraction it was all too easy to forget about your inner thoughts.

Now is the time to take control as these thoughts are the ONLY thing within your control. So, are you controlling them now?

Without care and attention, you may let the “monkey mind” run wild.

Monks train for years to silence their inner critic – do you even stop and consider what your inner critic is saying?

During the lockdown years, I worked with a few people on their inner critics – the words and thoughts they had that were constantly negative and self-critical.  We worked on changing that.

The first step to a better “inner voice” is awareness.

Only by taking one beat longer, one breath extra before you believe what you tell yourself will you be able to shape the world the way you want to.

We all need inner peace, especially now, with the world in such chaos. If you are not working on your inner peace and you are letting the media, the outside forces shape your mind then you run the risk of stress-related health issues, starting with lack of sleep.

Consider how you are sleeping at the moment.

Are you waking up looking forward to the day, grateful for the positive things you do have, or focused on the negative, horrible situations you might be in?  Or are you grinding your teeth all night long, waking up tired and miserable?

If you are struggling with negative self-talk then the first step towards flipping this around is to recognize it.

Set the intention today to make a mental note of what is going on inside your own head.

If you have never tried meditation then consider it.  Check out some YouTube ones.  Give it a try.

I’m looking to gather anyone who wishes to know a little more but doesn’t know where to start or needs a little boost with their practice.

Doing something new might appeal to you, so I invite you to reach out to me, let’s explore this long-standing practice and see how it can help you control that inner monkey mind and find some peace and happiness right now.


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I joined the wellbeing industry in 1994 and I've spent my lifetime helping people move from negative stress to a more fufiling and happy mindset.

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