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For the 3rd year running I have attended the local Fun Day in my community.  This year it cost me £20 for the pitch and I borrowed a gazebo from a client.

During the winter I completed the application form from the Parish Council, I then forgot about the whole thing!

During one of my Business Coaching meetings I was asked

“so, what short term goals do you have to address?”

This seemed like the moment to start thinking about the Fun Day…I focused my mind on the fact the fete was only 5 weeks away and sprang into action – (Perhaps  revealing something that I had never thought about before – I always function better with a short deadline, what about you?)

I spent some time at Herne Bay Stationery Shop and organized my leaflets (200) and I made sure I had good quality handouts about both of my services printed professional.

I also ordered  two baseball hats, and four new T shirts with my logo and website across the front.


I then organized for my sons and husband and Sister to come and attend the stand with me so that I got a break during the day and plus so I could talk to people knowing that anyone arriving would not be ignored.

My 11 year old was very happy to walk around the fete giving out leaflets and lots of people came and found me during the day saying “oh your Son sent me!”.  He used up my allocation of leaflets within an hour – so next year I will need about 1000 I think.  I have learnt that children are not at all worried about thrusting a leaflet into someone’s hand and saying “this is my Mum, go and see her”

Previously I have offered a 5 minute taster of a chair massage but the disadvantage is that you cannot talk to everyone as they approach – so this year I put my chair and my couch up on display but I did not actually massage anyone. It was really hot so people may not have wanted a massage anyway.  This was much better from my point of view as I was able to shake hands with anyone arriving and then engage in a full scale conversation.

As I was wearing my T Shirt and Baseball hat I walked around the Fete and talked to people as well.  This gave me a great chance to see everyone and spend some money.

Yes I would have liked a much more professional stand but at a local fete does it really matter – I am the local girl – I took care to listen to people and give everyone my cards – I did not take their contact details – which perhaps I should have done.  Perhaps my business Coach will advise that for next year.


Herne Bay Massage Setting up at Fun Day 2012
Herne Bay Massage sets up Stand at Fun Day

Next year I think I would like some balloons to give to small children.  I did donate a half hour massage for the raffle and therefore I got a mention over the loud speaker system – I advertise in the local parish magazine and quite a few people said “oh yes I have seen you in the local magazine”

I have heard it said that you need to see someone 4 or 5 times before it feels familiar – I hope by being there each year I feel familiar enough for people to take the next step and book a treatment.

This year I put more emphasize on Alexandria Professional® Sugaring – quite a few people came over just to ask hair removal.  I did not offer to show anyone how it is done as the sun and the sugar would not have been a good match.

I love to meet and chat to people so I did not find it difficult – my children cost me a fortune in burgers and ice cream and even another goldfish – it was local, it was a beautiful sunny day and I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go if you are starting out with your business.

Contact your local Parish Council and ask if they have a local magazine or if they do have a local event.

Be Brave – don’t think you have to have a stand like IBM or Apple – just a few leaflets, a big smile and someone to cover for the tea break and you will be away.


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