Meet Idara…. the well-organized woman

Are you looking for a more organised mind?

Are you living in a chaotic space?

Meet my friend Liza….  an amazing woman I met during lockdown at Toastmasters online.  (Yes I’ve been a member).


We connected with eye rolls and laughing….. we then met in the woods for walking during lockdown and now I’m watching her develop an idea..


With a Bachelors’s degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology and is a certified NBI Creativity Practitioner. she can help you with A LOT of stuff clearing, both with physical “stuff” and also “mind” stuff…..

Check out her new website, which is in its baby stage of forming whilst she works on an existing project (it’s a massive lifelong project).
It doesn’t mean a busy woman can’t organise herself enough to help you….

If you need to…

Declutter, Downsize, Move, Simply Reorganise?


No idea where to start or what to do with it all?  Send Liza any questions you may have… she is happy to respond.

Liza can help!  IdaraOrganising

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Carolynn Binnie

I joined the wellbeing industry in 1994 and I've spent my lifetime helping people move from negative stress to a more fufiling and happy mindset.

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