In the Beginning….

On 29th February 2012 I went back into the classroom for two days with Lina Kennedy, President of Alexandria Professional – it was an amazing experience and totally motivational.

In a mixture of theory and practical we worked hard for those two days – we were models for each other so that we could perform the techniques but also feel them.  None of us could believe our luck to have the President of the company in person. actually Sugaring us and it was truly inspirational to hear all her stories of hair removal across the world.

 There was nothing false about Lina, dressed in her company T Shirt and black slacks on the first day she quickly made us feel at ease and was soon putting on the medical gloves to show us first hand what Body Sugaring is all about.  Turning up the next day in a fabulous “wrinkle” dress that “travels well” she looked a million dollar with skin that radiated smoothness.

There is nothing like Alexandria Professional® in the UK, it’s only just starting out over here.  Having originally trained and qualified in September 2010 I was one of the first batch of therapists to be trained at the Carlton Institute in Windsor and I went  back again for Continuing Professional Development and am now one of the first in the UK to be trained on the Six Steps To Achieve a Perfect Sugaring Technique™ which guarantees hair refinement and offers wonderful skin that will look and feel smoother than you have had before.

We learned even more about the Sugar Paste, its consistency, its purity, and other manufacturing issues.  Lina has been Body Sugaring for 22 years and she really cares about her Company and the products, alongside the education of her practitioners.

Within the Alexandria Professional® range there are three types of Sugar Paste with the softest being called simply LK Private Stock™.  Having read in their catalog it was intended for practitioners who have mastered their skills I was delighted to be able to have a go with it and within hours of hands on experience with Lina we were all hooked – no one got “stuck”, no one had a meltdown and everyone found the wonderful softness great for really seeping into the skin and extracting really short hairs.   Just what our clients want.

Product knowledge was also discussed in greater detail and the Lina talked at length about skin conditioning and hair refinement.

Products I have available now are:-

Phenomen-all Skin Repair™ cream which is formulated to repair, refresh and rejuvenate skin.

  • It’s No 1 Seller across USA and used everyday for treating ingrown hair and skin issues.
  • 100% non-irritating & gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin by men, women, and children.
  • Replenishes moisture, calms irritation and softens skin cells to help relieve ingrown hairs.
  • Great for cuticle treatment whilst also helping to smooth out stretch marks & scars.

Use this fantastic skin conditional treatment and your hair extraction will be easier because the skin will be better conditioned and cause less resistance.

Hungarian Wellness Mud™ is also part of the skin conditioning programme as this wonderful Mud immediately helps reduce inflammation and draw out impurities and purge ingrown hairs.

Also available the “I Love My Skin™” range which is the retail sized products of the professional skin care that I use in my treatments, so that you can maintain your skin between treatments.  Cleanser, Toner and Hydrating Cream all in smaller bottles than I use during the treatments.

I believe this is going to spread across the UK as it has in USA and I intend to be on that journey… come join me…book a treatment and feel for yourself how great you skin can really be this summer.

Tell me you read this article and get 30% discount on  your first Sugaring treatment.


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