How to Get Over Jet Lag

One of my regular massage clients traveled the world.  He did long haul flights like you and I do the school run.  He was always back and forth without any signs of  “red eye” or jet lag and I often admired his ability to cope.

However, one trip home and something went wrong with his body clock, he came back expecting to step back into the UK routine but when I saw him four days later he was struggling.  He was complaining of feeling tired, restless, aches and pains and wondering what to do.

As a regular to massage he knew how to switch off once on the couch and strangely this time I found he was much more talkative – a sign to me that he was really quite “wound up”.  I blended  Lemon,  Bergamot and  Black Pepper and using Effleurage strokes I set about trying to relax him.

It was not too long before his breathing changed, and I felt his whole body sink into the couch.  I knew that he may well fall asleep so I turned down the music slightly and made sure he was warm enough.  I did not change my massage technique much – I just made sure that I used lots of relaxing deep strokes and let the oils do their work.

After his hour he sat up refreshed and after a  glass of water and I sent him onto his next business meeting. I did not say anything about how he would sleep that night, nor did I suggest he do anything different than usual.

The next day I text him to check on his well being… I was delighted to receive this  back

“I was going to text u later.  Yes, slept perfectly and am totally back to normal, I am amazed.  U r brill. Thx”

Texts like that make me feel great! They are exactly why I did my job… I was confident massage would work and knowing that I was able to help gave me such satisfaction.  I have seen it many times.

So if you have  travel plans consider booking your massage for the return trip and be assured that sleep need not evade you.

Helpful advice :

Before your trip

Get extra sleep

Ensure that you are fully rested

During the flight try to eat and sleep according to your destination’s local time.

Stopover on the way

Drink lots

Keep hydrated

Eyeshades and earplugs may help you sleep

Sleeping medication is not recommended as it doesn’t help your body to adjust naturally to a new sleeping pattern.

At your destination

Try to get as much sleep in every 24 hours as you normally would.

Light and dark is one of the most important factors in setting the body’s internal clock. Exposure to daylight at the destination will usually help you adapt to the new time zone faster.

Book a massage on your return.



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