How Stress Affects Your Skin

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How Stress Affects Your Skin

Where you even aware that stress affects your skin.  It is caused by the chemical response in your body. You will be making hormones like cortisol, which tells glands in your skin to make more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.

The result is that on top of the stress your skin becomes more sensitive and reactive.

When you’re stressed, don’t skimp on your skincare routine. Increase it – use it as a mindful moment to stand and take a few extra breaths whilst applying lotion or sunscreen.

Cancer Call: If you have any skin issue that doesn’t heal or keeps coming back, seek medical advice to eliminate skin cancer.

Drinking Water

It’s important to keep drinking lots of water to keep the skin clear and help remove toxins. Use it as another opportunity to take a moment to breathe deeply and lower that cortisol. Stand by the sink and look around you. Slow your breath and shake out your shoulders. Drink a glass of water and be grateful for the tap, the clear cool water that flows, and the air that you breathe.

What you’ve forgotten is that you can feel the difference when you have great skin.


Your skin sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so.

Dead cells don’t always shed completely. This can result in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores.

Exfoliating can help prevent this. Dry skin brushing is the quickest and easiest – before a shower, with a good stiff body brush. (And guess what, another moment to calm the mind).

Avoid using soaps with harsh chemicals, as these can dry out the skin. Instead, use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free soaps and skin care products.

Apply moisturizer regularly, especially after getting out of the shower or bath.

Avoid taking showers that are longer than 10 minutes. Also, keep the water lukewarm rather than hot.

Avoid scratching dry skin, as this can damage the skin’s surface. If the skin breaks, you’re more likely to experience scarring and infection.


Be mindful of what you are using to relieve your stress.

Your diet and smoking affect your skin, you may be eating more comfort foods and piling on the weight, or be smoking to help lose weight – causing even more problems to your body.

What Can You Do?

Sugaring hair removal is gentle on the skin and will help lift out the dead skin whilst removing unwanted hair.  I’ll teach you about how to easily exfoliate each day in the shower and you’ll see the benefits as well as feel them.

Or if it’s more than just your looks what about trying some Meditation with me?

Meditation can be a very good, natural way to reduce the cortisol in your body. By helping to bring down your blood pressure and relieve any of the associated problems.

Why not come see for yourself how meditation can help you feel calmer, more alive, and lower that cortisol?



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