Are you reflecting back over the lockdown years?

Ensure you have a clear positive image to hold onto. Remind yourself that you did what you could, at the time. Desperate times required a lot of extra hard work. You had to work hard to maintain any kind of good mental health.

Acknowledge how hard you worked.

Reflect on the good things you’ve done. If you feel they were insignificant remember you did your best. You have your own story of lockdown and your story is important to you – make sure it’s a positive story.

You are the one that has lived every single moment, you know how it’s been. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty or angry. Remind yourself , you’ve lived your life as best you could given your circumstances.

Looking forward is the way to go. Acknowledge negative emotions and let them go. Surrender what you’ve been through and pat yourself on your back.

It’s time to rest, reflect and renew your ideas for the life you want to live going forward.

You can set the intention for your new life. Have focus and know your values so that going forward you are safe, fulfilled and happy.

Everyone wants to be happy. If we all want the same thing then let’s work towards our own happiness.


Carolynn Binnie

I joined the wellbeing industry in 1994 and I've spent my lifetime helping people move from negative stress to a more fufiling and happy mindset.

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