Feeling Those Aches?

Feeling Those Aches?

Are you feeling a few more aches and pains than you did a few years ago?

Do you notice your body feels a bit stiff when you move around?

Yes me too.

Over the last few months I’ve become aware that although I tell all of you how to move and stretch I’m not actually doing enough myself.

I planned to go back to  Tai Chi which I learnt many many years ago.  The truth is I’ve not been doing it.  I don’t know why – lack of time, motivation, and generally just being a bit rubbish.

But during the summer I took some action and booked a Yoga class.



I loved yoga when I was 25.  I went every week and often did it at home but by 35 I’d stopped.  I had kids, I never sat down, I bearly slept and yoga was the very last thing on my mind.

My boys are now nearly men and so my time has come again.

If you have never done Yoga before then let me tell you what it is not.

It’s not a bunch of weirdly dressed people with shaved heads and singing bowls sitting around the place chanting before they perform weirdly shaped exercises with various bits of their body.

If you don’t believe me then check out this video with Andriene.

Adriene is a bit younger than me (and perhaps you) but I think you’ll agree that she looks just perfectly normal.  Very bendy and with a beautiful glow. But she looks normal.

Are you thinking it’s just not possible to find your flow.  Perhaps you are so busy with juggling so many things that you simply don’t have time for anything, and Yoga would just be another thing on the To Do List.

How long can you maintain that? I’m talking from my own personal experience.  I was really good at juggling but it still has a way of eventually falling down, crashing around you.  If you are reading this I think you know that time is near you.

Maybe you are not at that stage (yet) but you’ve discovered that neck pain won’t go away.

Are your shoulders up around your ears?  Can’t I fix it with a massage you might be asking.  Yes I can.

Massage monthly will certainly help you (I get a massage every fortnight) but to get the real benefit you really should be doing more stretching in the weeks between your massage.

I’m taking the 30 day Yoga Challenge that Andriene is offering – I’m hoping you’ll join me to.  I’m also going to a class once a week so that I have some accountability and having paid for the term I have set the intention to myself that I will go.

No special clothes needed – my Yoga mat cost £9.99 from TK Max.

I don’t think I will stop doing Yoga again, age is now a “thing” in my life – my body and my mind needs more help than it did.  I can’t afford to let things get out of control – I plan on living until I’m 90+.  I have learnt from experience that only by taking back control of my life can I achieve the things I want.

It starts with setting your intention.

Let’s get moving and bending a little better, I’d be delighted to talk some more about what you can do to help yourself and how massage can help.




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