Feeling The Fear

Do you judge me for feeling afraid? For having a fear?

I’m fearful…

I’m frightened…

Do you think less of me because I have fear?

Do you want to turn away from me because I’m frightened? I bet you said NO to those last questions.

Being afraid or frightened of something is normal. We don’t know what other people are fearful of, so we assume we are the only ones with the fear.

Why do we all hide our fears from ourselves?

Admitting a fear to yourself is a big thing

Requires courage and self-awareness and bravery. Sometimes you need a helping hand.

Is that why you hide your fears from yourself? You don’t feel anyone will support you as you examine the fear.

Since Wim Hof was on TV I’ve been doing the cold water showers – feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It was so much more than standing in a cold shower, it’s about mind control. I wanted to see what Wim Hoff was talking about.

I’ve had some powerful conversations recently about fear.

Not feeling loved
Saying the wrong thing
Feeling like a bad parent

All these conversations lead to people discussing and breaking down those fears.

Fears are also known as “limiting beliefs” they limit you in many ways and hold you back. You can be holding yourself back if you believe something about yourself that is not true.

I run a powerful meditation group once a month.

We meet up and discuss what holds us back. We meditate for clarity on what’s real and what isn’t true.

We are moving through. Together we are stronger. We’ve built the trust that we won’t laugh at each other when we cry together. Hold space for each other whilst we talk out loud. About things, we’ve only ever thought about or we’ve not thought about. Mulling over so much deep stuff and it’s amazing to see it unfold.

It’s like we air our laundry. We don’t give advice on how to make it cleaner, we share the time and space to think and talk some things through.

A month later we review the results. We use meditation and this has the power to unlock the fear – and brings us to a space of deep calm so we have clarity of mind. Do you have that opportunity?

That’s the power of meditation – unlocking fear, revealing thoughts and examining them. You can pack them away again and not work on them. But that is unlikely, as I’ve seen – the fear level drops and so it’s easier to work on.

Climbing a mountain without a Sherpa is hard. Living under the shadow of the mountain and never going up to the top is heartbreaking and a waste of your life.

Who knows what the view is like?


Carolynn Binnie

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