Facial Massage Designed To Help You Unwind And De-Stress

If you would like an hour to relax and unwind then let me give you a relaxing facial alongside a head massage.

You need a warm couch, soft music and candles all set up to give you time to put down your stress, to let go of all that noise in your head and to take time to forget the troubles of your world.


Through my ever popular massage (the one where you totally relax and almost fall asleep) and my amazing sugaring and waxing skills, I've looked after the community in Herne Bay and surrounding areas for years. I've spoken at conferences, been interviewed on radio, written industry expert articles and I've inspired 100's of people to take more care of themselves. “Wow! I really do feel better” says everyone. I prove that by giving yourself a “step-away from the madness” with an hour of calm reflection, even the busiest person can bypass overwhelm and instead generate exciting feel-good emotions as they head back to building the life they love. What's stopping you?

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64 Willow Farm Way

Herne Bay CT6 7QH, UK


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