Looking after your skin is as important as looking after your mind.

I’ve updated this original post written in May 2012 and you have no excuse about your skincare.

This is YOUR perfect time – first of all, if you don’t want to make your own sugar scrub here is the link to my wonderful Ruff Stuff.


Exfoilating Gloves

Exfoliation is simply the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface.  When I originally trained as a massage therapist (1994) we covered the skin in a lot of detail but being so young at the time I had no idea how important looking after your skin really was.  I thought it was something only pampered bored girls did who had nothing better to do… how wrong I was.

When I went to USA for training in sugaring  (2010) we studied the skin in detail and exfoliating cropped up again.  This time I paid a lot more attention, being 40+ I realized that my skin needed more help.

The Egyptians realized that Sugaring removed hair and also acted as an exfoliation.  We now know that the more you exfoliate the better your skin will be. Keeping dead skin cells cleared away stops ingrown hairs and gives your skin such a soft, silky feel. hairs.  However you remove unwanted hair you will be needing the benefits from exfoliation.

Geek Bits

  • The dermis is the lowest layer of skin and this is where new skin cells are created.
  • Cells move up to the surface of the skin and become more acidic, they then die and become filled with keratin.
  • Keratin protects the skin from outside elements so it is very important but (and this is what I did not understand when I was 20) through the aging process (and after menopause) the natural skin erosion becomes uneven, which gives the skin a dry and rough character.
  • Any type of hair removal (remember I was offering Sugaring)  weakens the hair it is less able to push its way out and if dead skin cells are clogging the way it just runs sideways – causing ingrown hairs, bumps and sometimes infections.

Exfoliation removes this uneven outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath.

This shedding of the outer layer unclogs pores, keeps skin clean, and helps reduce acne breakouts.

You will need

  1. Sugar Scrub – either homemade or Ruff Stuff    

Gently rub a teaspoonful size blob of Ruff Stuff over your body in circular movements after you’ve washed and you will have the most wonderful smooth, moisturized skin ever.

Ingrown hairs will be eliminated and your whole body will glow.

  • Exfoliation should always be done after cleansing the skin.
  • Exfoliation helps expose the hair follicles
  • Be careful not to over-exfoliate  (hard to do with Ruff Stuff but easy to do with a salt scrub you will get dried and irritated skin.
  • The face is the part of the body most sensitive to exfoliation.  Ruff Stuff is suitable for your face, as it’s so gentle.
  • No need for extra exfoliation as Ruff Stuff is made of coconut oil and leaves the skin super soft.

If you find that you really want a little more then I personally love Dry Skin Brushing.  Done before you jump into the shower you just need a good body brush.  This is my recommended brand – available on Amazon.   Really great to start with. 

So, there you are – easy way to come out of lockdown looking amazing.

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