Ever Wondered about Carrier Oils?

In my home salon here in Herne Bay I use two carrier oils for giving a massage.  These are Grapeseed and Jojoba.

I used Sweet Almond oil as part of my salt scrubs, as it blends well with Dead Sea Salt and being runny it covers the body well with the salt added.

Grapeseed and Jojoba are fantastic for massage treatments, sometimes I blend them together for mature or dry skin and they make a wonderful base carrier.

Derived from the fatty portion of a plant, often the seeds or kernels or nuts, carrier oils are used to carry essential oils onto the skin otherwise they may cause severe irritation or reactions.  Although there are wide range of carrier oils available, it has been my experience that many salons only use Sweet Almond Oil.  I have not used this oil for many years for massage treatments as I felt, when I was learning, that it was a little too runny and “thin”.  It also makes me iche so after using a wide range I settled with Grapeseed.

I purchase my carrier oils from http://www.naturallythinking.com who over the years have always provided excellent service and reliability along with an excellent source of information.  Carrier oils should be cold pressed as the heat can damage their therapeutic properties.  Most typical vegetable oils sold in grocery stores are not cold-pressed.  For the most nourishing, freshest carrier oils, you should strive to shop with retailers and suppliers that specialize in the sale of aromatherapy or natural skin care ingredients. Your local health food/nutrition store may be a source for carrier oils, but the oils can often be pricier. Watch for dust on the bottles when buying oils locally.  That can indicate the oil has been sitting around for awhile. Look for oils that are not blends of two or more oils and that have no additives.

Naturallythinking source their grapeseed from Parma, Italy and they are natural and unadulterated.

Avoid Mineral oil and petrolium jelly as these are are byproducts of petrolium production and are not used in aromatherapy. Mineral oil is used in baby oils and many commercially available moisturizers because it is an inexpensive oil to manufacture. It, however, can clog pores, prevent the skin from breathing naturally, prevent essential oil absorption, prevent toxins from leaving the body through the natural process of sweating, and I’ve read reports that it can be absorbed into the body and block vitamins from properly being utilized. These same concerns apply to petrolium jelly.

Essential oils do not go rancid. Carrier oils, however, do become rancid over time. The level of natural fatty acids, tocopherols, method of extraction and other characteristics of an oil all can affect how quickly an oil becomes rancid.  I only buy small quantities at a time so that you can be sure my oils will not be old and your skin will benefit from the wonderful carrier oils as well as the mix of essential oils I blend.


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