Boundaries Part 1

Declutter Your Mind - Have Boundaries

Boundaries are key to living an intentional life.

One of the hardest things to do is to say “NO”. Invitations, requests, obligations, to the stuff that everyone else is asking of you.

Even harder is saying no to certain time-consuming emotions:

  • anger
  • distraction
  • obsession
  • worry
  • fear

These are all manageable on their own, but together these are the feelings that overrun you.

Be ruthless to the things that don’t matter.

Say no and don’t let the pile of emotions stack up.

Make sure your Social Media is only feeding you positive ideas. Take action to remove anyone who posts negative or upsetting posts.

Social media platforms can learn what you view. Taking about a week to change, to reteach the algorithm what you’d like to view.

Action Required

Remove everyone and everything that does not support your new mindset. See only positive, upbeat healthy posts.

Delete anything that doesn’t support a positive change.

Practice gratitude for having a clear plan of your life. Learn to empower others to do their own tasks.

Ask yourself are you helping someone too much? Would it be better to empower them to help themselves?

Boundaries help you protect yourself, your energy, and your mind.

Don’t let everyone take, take, take. It can be hard to step back. Only by setting some rules will you start to have the time and space to rebuild yourself.

What can you do today that starts to refuel your tank of energy?

Boundaries Part 2


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