Boundaries Part 2

A positive mindset requires work, and boundaries are part of that. Understanding your boundaries is healthy, strong, and positive.
With focus and clarity you can achieve whatever you desire, and along the way, you need to learn to say NO to others.

Set Boundaries

Life can be so stressful. You are trying to get so much done, it’s hard to actually make any progress with what actually makes YOU happy.
You are always rushing around. With many To Dos. When you finally sit down and reflect you feel empty and unfulfilled. Feeling as if you’re not making any progress on your own hopes and dreams.
You feel it’s a merry-go-round of problem-solving. Where is the reward for all the busyness.?
Do you have a boss that is adding work to your pile, and you go home each Friday no further forward? No amount of money at the end of the month can fill the empty feelings.
Or if you are at home, with kids, or in your senior years, always filling the days with other people’s tasks. It can leave a hole.
Nothing beats you down like making a flat line on progress. Imagine trying to climb an escalator in a shopping center. You jump on each morning, showered and all keen as mustard, only to find that at the end of the day you are no further to the top.
After a few years of that, it’s no wonder you feel flat, uninspired, and miserable.


We all need to feel like we have made some progress.

Having a clear goal will help you on this positive mindset path. When you stop and think about your progress you can only see it if you know what you’re trying to achieve.
Do you allow other people to cloud the way by squeezing their tasks onto your To-Do List? You’re never going to get to any kind of completion on your own tasks. Building resentment and despair. You feel beaten down and always at someone’s beck and call.
A positive mindset isn’t a selfish mindset. By having positive healthy boundaries you show others what it looks like and you are helping them get clear too.
You will have the positive energy to give out. Enabling everyone who comes into contact with you to feel uplifted and more positive.
Teach people that you are clear on what you want out of life and are working towards it. Learn to say “I can’t handle that at the moment can we look at it next week”. Or “If I take this on for you, will you be able to do the task I’ve planned to do”.

Boundaries are the only way to keep yourself on point.

Write a
Not Now To-Do list.
a DO NOW list
– take time to consider all your goals and work out what one step needs to happen to move the needle forward. And ensure no one stops you.

Boundaries – Part 1


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