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Are you looking for balance in your life?

Balance gets knocked off every time we experience fear.  Fear can’t differentiate between real or imagined so if there is a lion about to eat you or your tax bill needs paying the fear feels the same.  As soon as that fear signal goes off, our bodies prepare us to fight or flight, or sometimes freeze.

Launch into fear too often and your stress hormones get overworked. Your immune system, your sleep, and your ability to heal all get affected.  Sound familiar?

Is is time to get more balance in your life?

If you are going to move forward then you need to calm those hormones down and get the balance back.

Consider a recent time when you felt anxious, stressed, angry etc.

Recall the situation – what had happened and what were you thinking about at the time?

How were you feeling (e.g. stressed, tense, anxious, angry)?

Consider where you felt the stress/tension/anxiety in your body?

You need balance to not fall off your bike or to grasp a situation and respond well. You need to find a balance of your emotions and thinking. Intuition steers us toward balance.


You can learn to activate the breath and regain balance.

Giving you clear thinking about any given situation with “balance” and perspective.

Take a few moments to reflect on your general attitude towards life. Do you appreciate the life that you have? Or do you spend more time worrying and stressing about the problems in your life?


Meditation Classes

Are you ready to take control of your life and become a more balanced person?

Do you want perspective, intention and a calm clear mind?

Contact me to find out about my small (4 places only) groups held at my house to learn how to Meditate.

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