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Are you looking for a Facial or some Hair Removal?

I only offer these two treatments now, so if you are looking for either or both of these then please take the time to explore my website.  I am passionate about my work and so if you are feeling stressed, juggling to many plates each day and are looking to have some serious “me” time, then we should meet.

If you want professional hair removal that won’t leave your skin feeling hot, itchy, spotty, red and blotchy then I’m your girl. I’ve trained hard to deliver the best hair removal service EVER and I only want to work with you if you take your skin condition seriously, you’ll put the work in between treatments to ensure that you skin looks and feels the best it can. Together you can achieve this.

Please take a moment to explore the other pages I have set out …. I know all the benefits of  a good massage but I want you to know them too…. I want to give you all the information you need to be happy to come and book your facial with me.

I have tried to answer all the questions and more you may have.. but if you have more… feel free to call me.

Lets start making your life Easier and Fun… let’s put the spring into your step and lets start building the life you want.

To Schedule an appointment .. Call me on 07973 518640…….

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