6 Ways to Cope with Grief

6 Ways to Cope with Grief

Coping with Grief?  Feeling down and not able to lift your spirits?  Fed up?  I know what grief feels like too.

We are all going to suffer from bereavement and grief at some stage in our life.  It is a perfectly natural reaction to the loss of someone or something.  The feelings of grief can also be caused by changes in our life, divorce, moving or changing jobs.  Grief can affect us in different ways.

We all deal with grief in a wide variety of ways involving the four (4) dimensions of our lives:

  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Physical

In 2018 we lost two members of the family – one young at 53 and other old at 81.  It was a hard year to bear, so believe me when I say, I’ve been there too.

Pain and raw emotions are very real. I know so much more about massage and how it could help with grief so I booked myself a weekly massage, I canceled all of my clients here in the salon and I let myself have time to grieve. I used mindfulness to focus on the goodness of life and I cried alot.

Back in 1991 I did not understand how massage worked when my step father died after a  long illness.  His death changed me in subtle ways that I did not recognize at the time.  The experience of bereavement and loss planted roots in my lifelong interest of complimentary medicine.

The suffering that he endured and the stress that we, his family and friends experienced, further opened up the desire to help others that suffer.

  • Even though we all experience grief in our own unique way, we do typically go through some or all of the following emotions.
  • Guilt– for the things you did or didn’t say or do
  • A deep sadness – often feeling “dead” inside
  • Shock and disbelief – why me?
  • Fear of the future – how will I continue?
  • Anger against the circumstance or the people that took your loved one away from you.
  • A physical response – Bereavement and grief can actually result in physical ailments and emotional dysfunction.  You could lose or gain weight; feel continually sick; come down with infections because your immune system is suffering; be continually exhausted and it’s not uncommon to suffer from insomnia and aches and pains when you very rarely did before the event.

Massage is a powerful healing therapy.  It may remove stress and create harmony between your body, mind and soul. Massage is known to aid healing with the power of touch.

Massage has many benefits both physically and mentally for you.

Here are 6 ways that massage could help you cope with your grief:-

 1.  Massage may have a calming and balancing effect on your nervous system.

2.   Massage may improve your overall sense of well-being and energy levels

3.  Massage may bring relief from your headaches caused by tension in your neck.

4.  Massage will improve your circulation and breathing. (It has science behind it now).

5.  Massage can assist in alleviating the physical and emotional stress stored in your body.

6.  Massage increases your lymphatic drainage system which gets rid of toxins, and this will         revitalize your blood flow.

 And BONUS Benefit

7. Massage mentally allows you to totally ‘switch-off’ giving you time to bring new thoughts into your mind.  To process the busy mind and allow the mind to wander.

Massage activates the touch receptors in the skin. This, in turn, releases Oxytocin, a hormone that produces excellent effects on a person’s well-being and relaxation.  During research, adults reported that they felt more balanced after a massage and that life did not seem so dark.

My own experience backed this up, although back in 1991 I had no knowledge or understanding of what or how the treatment was working, I had a regular massage and I did recognize that I felt better. Massage somehow diminished my feelings of an empty space and connected me with the rest of my body – brought me back into the real world.

It was not until 1994 when I completed my ITEC Massage training that I learned all the benefits of massage.

  • This article was written to reassure you that the grief and raw emotions that you are feeling are real.

Many people who come to me suffering often apologize, they say “oh I know its silly to be so upset so long after it happened”, or they feel that their friends and family are “fed up” with hearing and seeing them so upset.   I too have suffered, I understand what you are saying and feeling and I would like to use massage to help.

Massage has a way of bringing balance back into your life.


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