22 Surprising Facts About Waxing & Sugaring Hair Removal

Shaving is probably the most widely used method for removing body hair.  However, it’s tricky to do all over and it leaves you with a prickly feeling.  By cutting off the top of the hair you’re left with a blunt edge – not nice.  And no one ever said “oh I love your prickly legs darling”.

So the next method people try is cream – it smells horrible, it burns the skin, its slimey in the shower and frankly no one ever said “wow it’s my cream day”.

So that leaves us with waxing and sugaring.

Hold on if you’ve never heard of sugaring…. keep reading to find out why it’s still the most popular method of hair removal EVER…

Waxing is found on every high street –  you don’t need to know about the training involved or the wax product used – you know it works but do you know about sugaring and the difference between waxing and sugaring?

I am trained to use the best product for the job, as every one of you has different skin and hair types.

Don’t worry, I’m trained in both waxing and sugaring and I will take care of your waxing needs.  I can show you how sugaring can be considered as a serious alternative to waxing, if you want really smooth hair free skin with refinement and no spiky re-growth.

In this post I am going to cover why sugaring is set to become so incredibly popular, as well as expose you to some surprising facts that you may never have known about waxing and sugaring.

Waxing is the still the most popular of all salon treatments according to the Beauty Industry Survey report from 2013. In an industry so flooded with Brands, it can be difficult to know how to select a Salon in the highly competitive world of beauty.  Some salons are brand loyal, some are not.  Some salons have highly trained hair removal experts and others don’t.

There are approx 83 different brands of wax in use (as of 2013) and with the number one reason why a brand is used by the salon is that it covers all areas of the body, it’s not surprising you probably have no idea what brand your salon uses or even which Brand is suitable for your skin.

I know you just want great hair-free skin. Waxing is a monthly chore and to be honest do you really care what brand of wax we use as long as it does the job, right?  Until something goes wrong. Until you get burnt, or ingrowns explode in your bikini area or your underarms have unsightly bumps.  Then you may question the wax that last salon used.

I have seen amazing results with sugar paste, but to be fair I have sugared far more people than I have waxed them, so maybe I’m biased.

Body Sugaring is more than just hair removal it’s a skin improvement treatment. You will experience great smoothness and you won’t want to shave after you have seen me.  Waxing will remove your hair, but the difference needs to be felt.  Come along and try it for yourself.

Sugar paste has been used to remove hair from all parts of the body since time began.

If waxing is your no 1 choice of hair removal and you are looking for a salon that uses the best technique and the best product for your skin then you should pop along to see us – Claire and I use only the very best quality Wax.  Currently its Ashmire Botanical Mulberry – the  brainchild of Andy Rouilard aka “wax Daddy”

But keep reading to find out if you should be trying sugaring.

22 Facts About Sugaring

Hair being removed in the natural direction of growth is a new concept for many. This theory was developed in the USA and is now taught all over the world. It’s not possible with wax.

2. Sugaring Eliminates Breakage
My technique is the most gentle and effective method of hair removal for all skin types and hair textures. By removing the hair in the direction that it grows, you end hair breakage.

3. Sugar Lubricates Hair Follicles
My molding technique allows the sugar paste to penetrate into the follicle whilst wrapping itself around the hair shaft. Full lubrication of the hair and follicle by the sugar paste results in a more gentle extraction. You are no longer traumatizing or re-directing the natural direction of the follicle.

4. Extended Hair Removal Intervals
Regular extraction, in the active growth phase (anagen), results in the continual deterioration of the follicle and helps to collapse the follicle wall. This leads to both refinement and permanent hair removal, this is slightly different than waxing which sticks to the hair but does not seep into the hair follicle.

5. Short Hairs Removed
Two days after shaving and sugar paste can still grip around the hair and remove it. Sugar seeps into the hair follicle and lubricates the hair, enabling you to “slide” the hair out and remove it. Wax needs longer hair.

6. Pliable Hair Leads to Little Discomfort
My molding technique makes the hair more pliable with the hair follicles less traumatized, reducing discomfort for you.

7. Hair Breakage Causes Ingrown Hair Problem
You probably understand that your therapist needs a good technique with all methods of hair removal. Sugaring is no exception. My training was extensive and I continue to check in with other sugaring experts to ensure I do not slip into bad habits. Originally I flew to the USA to get the perfect technique.  I’ve practiced a lot to make everything perfect for you.

With all types of hair removal, good home care is essential. Educate yourself to understand why home care is important. Ask me and I’ll happily explain.

8. Sugar is 100% Eco-Friendly
Sugaring has been around for 1,000s of years and it is still made with sugar, lemon juice, and water. Still 100% natural and you can still eat it (but you will get fat).

9. 100% Bacteria Free
Sugar is well known for its preservative properties. Bacteria are unable to grow in sugar as it binds the water and bacteria is unable to grow. My pots of sugar remain bacteria free which means good news for all concerned.

10. I am 100% Free from Cross Contamination
As I do not use sticks with sugaring I am able to say it’s 100% free from cross-contamination. Best practice Habia recommends therapists always perform hair removal whilst wearing gloves and I always use gloves for both sugaring and waxing.

11. Sugar Paste is 100% Water Soluble
There is no mess, no damaged towels or uniforms, no sticky residue left on floors or table tops. Everything is washable. Cleanliness takes time and effort – sugaring reduces the time and effort required to be on top of the cleaning routine, meaning I’m more available for you.

12. My Wax and Sugar Paste is 100% Fragrant Free
Dermatologists say the fragrance is the most common cause of allergy in cosmetics. There are more than 5,000 synthetic fragrance compounds used by the beauty industry. My products are Fragrant Free.

13. Natural Ingredients
You love natural ingredients and all my products are developed with this in mind. No nasty chemicals hiding in our ingredient lists. This means if you like natural products I should be your waxing and sugaring go to person.

14. Sugaring is Not Hot
Sugar paste applied at body temperature can not burn. My warmers take all the guesswork out of the job, leaving me to concentrate on you.

15. Dead Skin Cells Removed

As sugar is water soluble it will not stick to live skin cells and you get great exfoliation with no skin cell damage.

16. Safe on Varicose and Spider Veins
Sugaring is safe to use on varicose and spider veins as it is gentle. Used with my good technique there is no damage caused to the underlying areas. This is great news to many women who have been unable to get waxed, this is my great unique selling point.

17. Safe on dry, itchy, psoriasis or eczema skin
As I exfoliate the dead skin cells you can see that dry, itchy eczema and psoriasis responds well to sugaring. Used alongside my full range of skin repair products you’ll get fantastic results, probably for the first time ever.

18. Penetrates to lift debris/dead cells and unclog pores
Sugaring helps give beautiful smooth hair free skin by seeping into the hair follicle and lifting out debris and dead cells. Leaving the skin looking bright and clear.  My wax is also top quality and you won’t have any skin lifting problems.

19. Leaves No Sticky Residue
Sugaring is a clean and easy way to remove hair – it leaves no sticky residue so you will leave feeling fresh and clean and you won’t get home with the fluff of your trousers stuck to your legs.  When we wax we always ensure all the wax is removed so nothing sticks EVER.

20. Sugaring is Economical
If you care about the environment you’ll be pleased to know that I only need a small amount of product to wax and sugar you – so the environmental impact is very low.

21. I’m An Experienced Sugaring Practitioner
I traveled and trained in the USA so I’ve seen hair from many different nationalities so feel confident that I’ll be able to help your skin look and feel the best ever.

22. Homecare Skin Management
I have a complete homecare skin management retail range at your disposal so that you will go home safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your skincare covered.

Phew, you have got the end!  You are now a lot more knowledgeable about waxing and sugaring.

If you think I have missed something then please let me know, if you know something about waxing that I’ve missed off then please drop me an email.

If you would like to come to try out our waxing skills then email for an appointment.

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